Fairy Sheets

Fairy Sheets are Made in Sweden

Fairy Sheets laundry detergent is produced using electricity generated primarily by wind and water power in the southern part of Sweden.

The factory uses a ventilation process to capture and reuse the heat produced during the production process to heat the facility, making it more energy-efficient.

Environmentally-friendly practice, as it helps to reduce the energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions of the facility.

Additionally, utilizing renewable energy sources and reusing energy in this way can help to reduce the overall environmental impact of our products.

Love the Sheets, Love the Earth

The earth needs us to take action on climate change. We're committed to making our products as environmentally friendly as possible.

Fairy Sheets are perfect for people with sensitive skin, general use an babies. These eco-friendly sheets are as light as a feather and are great for traveling or storing in small places at home. No heavy jug, no measuring, no sticky leaks and no waste.